Aren’t you done with all the cosmetic products plaguing your screens and newspapers that guarantee 100 per cent desirable results? Aren’t you exhausted by their false claims because none of these yield any result whatsoever? Don’t you want this to be over once and for all? Looks like these prayers and some more have been answered. 

Researchers in MIT have created a face-lift cream, almost like a second skin that will make wrinkles a thing of the past. And it works, obviously! What else do you expect when some of the brightest minds come together to create a cosmetic cream?

The cream creates a layer of artificial skin on the wearer and smoothens out the wearer’s skin. 


It is more or less like clothes, but more scientific and more cool and more invisible and more tight. With the help of a private biotechnology company called Living Proof, researchers at MIT and Harvard devised the product which can be applied in two simple process. 


It is known as XPL, short for cross-linked polymer layer. The first layer of the XPL is made of polysiloxane components and the second is a platinum catalyst that enables the polymers in the first to connect firmly and form a thin film. 

Washing does not affect this film, it is not subject to wear and tear and can be worn upto 24 hours. 


The idea is to apply the second skin in the morning and peel it off at night. It is not loose, so it does not fall off and does not cause any irritation. Daniel Anderson who helped in the development of the product said “It’s something you can wear for a whole day or longer depending on the physical forces that get applied to the area where it is worn. You can’t tell you are wearing it”. 

Not only does this film get rid of wrinkles, it even protects the wearer’s natural skin and also wounds. 

You can see the entire video on how it works by MIT here:


Although we are not sure about when this magic cream will hit the markets but the day can’t be very far.