I’m no one to put in random ideas in anyone’s head but hey! Are you aware of the fact that the following serial killers who have been ruling the world of nightmares are still on the loose?

As humans, we are naturally driven by curiosity, but how far does it go without messing with our thoughts?

1. Zodiac

The Zodiac Killer had the nation stupefied with 37 murders as per his claims, 7 of which the investigators agreed upon. 

Taunting the local newspapers with his letters and cryptograms while throwing puzzles that could lead them to him and even the word “insane” does no justice to him. One of the encrypted messages that could be deciphered, by a history professor and his wife revealed that he killed in order to collect slaves for his afterlife. That is some next level psychopath I must say.

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2. Jack The Ripper

Terrorizing Whitechapel district in London’s East End from 1888-1891, Jack the Ripper was probably the most infamous serial killer who never got caught.

He killed at least five prostitutes ruthlessly by mutilating their bodies in an unusual manner and it can possibly not get disturbing beyond this. His precise style of killing pointed towards the depth of his knowledge about the human body based on which it was said that he was possibly a doctor. Making it even worse, a letter from this deranged killer himself appeared in London newspapers.


3. Alphabet Murders

The Alphabet Murder Incident is one such case which gave no description or name of the alleged murderer.

In the early 1970s, three young girls were raped, then strangled around Rochester, New York. The girls bodies were killed and left in towns that started with the same letter as their names. Carmen Colon was dumped in Churchville, Michelle Maenza in Macedon, and Wanda Walkowicz in Webster. That’s some brain scrambling obsessiveness right there!

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4. The Doodler

Don’t be fooled by the name as The Doodler earned this title sketching the crime scene after murdering his victims!

An unidentified serial killer till date, he was held responsible for 14 murders and three assaults of gay men in San Francisco, California. He picked them up from gay nightclubs, bars and restaurants and this series of disturbing acts lasted from the time period of January 1974 to September 1975. Getting artsy while nurturing his madness, The Doodler sketched his victims post the sexual encounters which was followed by stabbing and killing them.


5. Freeway Phantom

The Freeway Phantom was the name that had been haunting the Northeast neighbourhood of Washington DC from 1971-1972. 

Leaving no option safe for any female to step out, The Freeway Phantom abducted, raped and strangled his victims before dumping the bodies along the highway. The age of the victims varied from 10 to 18 which clearly indicates the pedophile in him. One of his letters that were found along with a dead body was something that would make you shiver. 

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6. The West Mesa Murderer

Murdering girls and scattering their bodies all over the desert on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, The West Mesa Murderer had his way of slaying.

His targets were women aged between 15 and 32 and for some reason most of them were Hispanic. This also makes me wonder whatever might be the reason behind such an obsession. Also, how can we not mention the other common thing between 10 out of the 11 victims, prostitution and drug abuse. 


7. The Stoneman Killer

The Stoneman, the name that made it to the headlines in the 80s, had created panic amongst the citizens of Mumbai.

Enjoying killing people for leisure, the Stoneman had mercilessly murdered at least 13 homeless people while they were sleeping in barely 6 months. A few years later the same scenario took place in Kolkata. Even today no one has been charged for any of those murders which makes me wonder, what if he comes back someday?

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8. Axe Man Of New Orleans

As the name suggests, let us introduce you to the man with the axe, except that the axe belonged to the victims themselves.

The Axe Man Of New Orleans was one of a kind based on his motivation. Most of his victims being Italian immigrants or Italian-Americans pointed towards his motives being ethnically driven. As weird as it may sound, it is said that the Axe Man committed all the murders in order to promote jazz music. It is too strange to believe but we believe so as the killer himself wrote a letter in which he stated that he would spare the lives of those who played jazz in their homes.

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