Who doesn’t love the sight of snowfall? Everything seems pristine white and extraordinarily beautiful. From looking at stunning snow-capped mountains to leaving footprints on the roads, snow gives us a joy like no other. 

Residents of Shimla were   to have woken up to a beautifully covered snow-laden city. 

Here are some pictures of the first heavy snowfall of Shimla and they will fill you with joy.

1. White is beautiful 

2. Imagine waking up to this

3. The perfect walk

4. All about the smiles 

5. How beautiful can it get?

6. That’s a LOT of snow

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7. Can you feel the freeze breeze? 

8. Winter wonderland 

9. When blue meets white

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10. Feel like framing it already?

11. Brrrrr

12. The aftermath 

13. The silver lining 

14. Wouldn’t miss that photo op!

15. The famous church bathing in snow

Long weekend is almost here. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?