Okay, it is just general knowledge that on an average, we consume quite a worrisome amount of foreign matter that’s present in our food and drinks. But did you know that the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the US Department of Human and Health Services, allows some of these foreign matter to be present in our food products? Their reasoning states that the percentage that is allowed in our foods is not dangerous to health but does that stop it from making it gross? No, it doesn’t.

Food companies, like any other business ventures, are mostly concerned about their profits, irrespective of what they claim. With FDA approval and food companies’ manipulation, at the end of the day we consume a lot of foreign matter that, ideally, we would not want to. 

Here are a few highly questionable ‘ingredients’ we consume that will make one question their food choices:














Let’s just hope that we are not what we eat.

Design Credit: Ankita Patel