We live in the age of social media. Right now, our achievements depend on how others perceive us to be. If posting ‘nihilist’ quotes, reading Murakami or constantly discussing Nolan’s brilliant filmmaking wasn’t cool enough, one could always resort to Instagram and Snapchat to show the world that we’re living a brilliant life.

This has led to the dangerous trend of people feeling left out because of their bad photography skills. Don’t be, guys. Your real friends still love you for the way you are. You don’t need to learn Insta-filters to get their validation. You already have it.

Social Media Adds

If people didn’t see your trip, it really didn’t happen?

I get it that you went to Paris. I also get it that you went to a fancy restaurant and had croissants. If you keep posting pictures of tickets, roads, washrooms and bedrooms, I won’t be understanding it better. 

I believe your friends trust you enough to take your word when you tell them that you went somewhere. And what’s up with continuous check-ins every other second? This is definitely not for yourself. We get it, you’re showing off. And why not? Being a prick comes at a price and you’ve paid for it.


Are hashtags a part of our lifestyle now?

Hashtaggery is a part of our lives now. A simple image would now be accompanied by at least 45 different hashtags that are hand-picked by individuals. Your bread pakoda is definitely not #foodporn. And the world doesn’t really care about what you ate. 

A wise man once said, “Don’t brag about what you eat because it’ll turn to shit anyway.”


Are destinations just morphing into mere photo sets?

You stand in front of Taj Mahal. Logic would dictate that you stand there basking in the glory of the beautiful monument. But nope! You need to get your phone out to click the perfect picture to show it to people how beautiful it is. Do you believe that people don’t know how the monument looks like? They do. 

Earlier, monuments were plagued with “Rinku luvs Richa” drawings. Now, it’s people posing for selfies, groupfies and all other kinds of ‘fies’ to quench their thirst of likes and self-esteem. 

University Express

Yes you have the money to take you to exotic places but you don’t need to shove it in other people’s faces.

Absolutely. You don’t need to over-compensate for anything with your lavish lifestyle in anyone’s face. Your friends might like to indulge in a circle-jerk with you, but that’s about it. Your already non-existent self-esteem gets nothing out of it. 


Travelling is about personal joy. When did it become about your friends or some random ‘followers’?

Travel is all about discovering yourself. It isn’t about you taking perfectly timed images to turn into a social media celebrity. To re-quote Tyler Durden in modern day, “You are not the likes you get on Facebook.”


Go out and relax. Life is happening around you while your phone camera is trying to capture the perfect selfie.