As a child, all of us were fascinated with collecting something or the other. With time this fascination dies out. What if it continues as a passion?

Shreya Katuri has something different to present to you. She owns a huge collection of matchboxes and this is what her Instagram account is all about.

How could a matchbox give you a new and innovative idea? For Shreya, it is not a big deal. While pursuing graduation in journalism she chose to submit a dissertation on matchbox labels in India. 

She got inspired by the visual appeal of Instagram and chose to open an Instagram account in October 2014. 

She doesn’t see matchboxes as just boxes, rather she visualizes them as a form of art, propaganda, and advertisement. She searches for eclectic matchboxes across the world and then puts them in altogether a different frame.


She surely has some interesting angles to share with the world. Shreya’s out-of-the-box thinking is truly appreciable. 

She has even collaborated with other people who collect matchboxes and has received more than 100 submissions not just from India but countries around the world. 

Trick or treat OR pineapple? 👻🎃🍍

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I am sure by now you must have got the exact meaning of artonabox. 

Folks it is art on a box.


Artonabox is a popular Instagram account featuring fascinating matchbox labels against matching landscapes or even close-ups.

Known as the ‘matchbox mistress’, Shreya wants to encourage people to be more curious about the visual clues the world offers to us.

Curious about watching more of such matchbox labels?

Explore her Instagram account, it is a treasure trove for any art lover.

All the images have been sourced from Instagram.