1. You are easily bored of doing what you do in your daily life.

Simply put, creative minds wander! Doing new things every day is your thing and you just can’t sit and make excel sheets, every single day. 


2. You are never scared of taking risks.

Risks for you are like everyday things because staying within limits and doing what you’re told doesn’t come naturally to you. 


3. Coloring inside the lines is just not your thing.

Why create boundaries when you can create even more beautiful things by crossing them?


4. You are always listening to your heart more than your brain. 

You don’t care about logic. You don’t want to plan. You’d rather be instinctive and go where your heart takes you. 


6. You absolutely hate the rules you are told to follow.

You can’t help but question everything. What if? Why not?


7. You only know how to work independently and love it that way.

Creative minds follow their own tunes and can’t be contained to work with the whims and fancies of someone else.


8. You change your mind a lot.

You can’t stick to just one idea, one thought all the damn time. You’re mind is constantly rushing with thoughts and every time something clicks, you’ve got to take note.


9. You have a reputation for eccentricity.

Like a 9 to 5 job is not your thing, eccentricity is what follows. You have some weird habits that set you apart from the rest because, for you, inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places. 


10. You always dream big. 

The whole world is your canvas and you don’t understand boundaries of any sorts. 


11. You do not relate to most of the people.

Only because those who’re busy doing what’s expected out of them don’t interest you!


12. You can be your own, worst critic.

You’re never happy with what you’ve done and you’re forever busy trying to outdo your own self. 


13. You can find the most ordinary things beautiful.

After all, appreciating the obvious beautiful things is no biggie. And finding beauty in the ordinary things doesn’t come to everyone! 


14.  You do not have a filtered personality.

Since you are motivated by some internal desire rather than a desire for external reward or recognition, you tend to be who you are because you don’t know the other way.


15.  You are a people-watcher.

You learn from those around you and constantly seek inspiration from them. And if nothing, you’re always amused by the world and all its contradictions!