When it comes to bargaining, no one can beat Indians. It’s an integral part of our shopping, even if it means that the shopkeeper ends up giving the discount after doubling the price first. We take it on our ego if we aren’t able to haggle and save some money. Indian bargaining skills are pretty popular worldwide because of the way we negotiate and crack the best deals!  

But if you think you’re not a great negotiator when you go shopping, here are 12 very simple ways for you to master the art. There you go: 

1. Believe that everything is negotiable.

This is the first rule to a successful bargain. You must believe that the price of everything in the shop is negotiable. 


2. Exclaim in disbelief right after hearing the price.

Just when the shopkeeper quotes the price, immediately exclaim in disbelief! Be surprised as if he’s trying to rob you, and repeat the price with an extra emphasis on it. Extra points for sounding dramatic. 

3. If the shopkeeper cuts the price down once, take cue!

If you sense that the shopkeeper is ready to work out the price, and takes it down a bit, seize the opportunity. Now is your real test to push for more.


4. Buying more than one item is a ticket to discount. 

If you’re buying something in more quantity, it’s your legal right to get a discount. Well, not really. But assuming this will help boost your confidence. So, even if it’s a fixed price shop, the shopkeeper should feel that you’re doing him a favour by buying more than one piece.

5. Liked something? Never ever show it!

You’ve shortlisted the item you want to purchase and even imagined how it would look on you. What next? Well, never let the shopkeeper know about your true feelings. Pretend to be indifferent. Because once you let it slip that you love something, you roll the ball in his court! 


6. Pretend to walk away.

This is the shoppers’ trump card. As much as you’ve set your heart on something, you cannot act desperate. If the shopkeeper isn’t on the same page as you, quote your final price and prepare to make a move. But don’t forget to make it look like it’s the last call for him to sell you the piece. Chances are that you will get your deal!

7. Compare the price

Let the shopkeeper know that you’re an aware customer and that the store three blocks away is selling it for a lesser price. Note his reaction and make a case accordingly.


8. Play the regular customer card.

Even if you visited the shop only once before, consider yourself a regular customer. Assert this point and make the shopkeeper realise that letting you go will be a grave mistake.  

9. Complain that your friend bought the same thing for a lesser price.

Doesn’t matter if it’s true, it’s your duty to remind him that he sold the same stuff to your friend for a lesser price. Act like you’re saving him from being partial and unfair.  


10. Point out towards the poor quality.

Take a good look at the item and tell the shopkeeper about how you think that it is the poorest quality stuff you’ve ever seen. He will tell you about its qualities but ignore all that and proceed with your argument anyway.  

11. Try handing him the money

This one’s a bit of an aggressive strategy. Take out the amount of money you want to buy that stuff for, and hand it over to him. It might need a little physical exercise, as the shopkeeper will snap away. But don’t just give up easily. Also, behave like you’re such a generous customer!


12. Be confident.

Even if you’ve quoted a bizarre price, stand your ground. Confidence is the key to becoming a successful bargainer. 

Now go, make a killing!