Eating healthy, exercising, drinking loads of water and having a balanced diet have been prescribed by doctors worldwide for a better, longer and healthier life. But according to science, there is this little thing you can do that does not require moving even an inch of your muscle and you’ll still get some really awesome health benefits. Sleeping naked! You may be shy, but that’s the very reason you should go ahead and try it. Get out of your comfort zone and discover what all it can do for your body. 

These health benefits will probably make you try it at least once. 

1. You’ll sleep a lot better. 

Clothing interferes with the natural fluctuation of temperature in your body. When you sleep your body temperature lowers, and climbs up again just as you are about to wake up. So throw away your clothes and enjoy a peaceful sleep without the tossing and turning caused by sweating too much while sleeping. 


2. You’ll feel a lot less restrictive and be happier when you wake up.

Imagine not wearing the 3 sinister B’s-boxers, briefs or bras. It is probably the best feeling ever as no tags will make you itch in the middle of the night, and the underwire of your bra will not be able to poke you as you’re dreaming about the one. Let go of these things and see how much happier you’ll wake up.


3. Your skin will feel a lot better.

Your skin needs to breathe just as you do. The constant pollution and the harmful fumes it is exposed to everyday, makes it writhe in pain too. Sleeping naked gives your skin the time to breathe and replenish itself. It also lowers the chances of skin diseases. 


4. It will keep fungal infections at bay.

Briefs and boxers keep the moisture and heat trapped in, which does not make your organs happy. In both men and women, this can lead to fungal infections. So get rid of your threads and help your organs breathe like they should. 


5. You might be able to lose the fat around your belly.

If your body is very hot while sleeping, it fails to release the good brown fat and thus leads to an increase in your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can spike the insulin level and thus lead to anxiety and weight gain. Sleeping naked helps in maintaining cortisol levels which may further help you get rid of that annoying fat around your belly.  


6. Your sex life will become a lot better. 

Skin to skin contact taps into your happy hormones, releasing cuddle hormone Oxytocin, leading to some great sex. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a partner, sleep naked and see how it benefits your sex life. 


7. You’ll age beautifully and at a slower pace. 

Sleeping naked balances your melatonin and growth hormones that can prevent the ageing process to progress a lot slower. Clothes hinder the usefulness of these hormones thus making you age a lot faster. So shred those clothes and age beautifully. 


8. It regulates your sperm.

The testicles need a certain temperature to produce sperms and clothes just increase the heat in the crotch area which leads to unregulated sperm production. Sleeping naked keeps the temperature perfect, optimising the sperm production. Now we are all for healthier sperms! 


9. Encourages positive body image. 

Most people do not like how they look naked and that can lead to some serious damage to one’s self-esteem. Sleeping naked every night will make you comfortable with your body and make you love yourself. So, leave them clothes in your cupboard while sleeping and see how much positive and in love with yourself you’ll feel. 


10. It is a lot easier. 

Now this is a no-brainer. Sleeping naked is a lot easier – no jammies, no undies, you’re free as a bird on a bed in the most natural way with your body and just about enough pillows and a comforter.


Be shy no more and enjoy sleeping naked and all the wonderful benefits that come with it.