Onions are delicious. Caramelised, fried, blanched. They do always make for some flavourful delight. But who ever thought that another thing onions are great for, has nothing to do with food?

According to Healthy, Wild And Free, going to bed with slices of an onion secured under your feet with socks is actually a magnificent detoxification tool.

Not On The High Street

Chinese medicine speaks of powerful access points on our feet that connect directly with vital internal organs through the body. These points are known as meridians and those that understand Chinese medical practices know that the meridian network is closely interrelated with the nervous system.

Style Craze

The bottoms of our feet have as many as 7,000 nerve endings forming powerful circuits within the body. That’s the reason walking barefoot is considered a great way to stimulate meridians and rejuvenate oneself – simple acupuncture, guys! Some even say going nude in the feet is also a great way to ground yourself with the earth’s negative ion field.

Fable Feed

Onions have for long been considered as air purifiers – known to absorb and kill germs and harmful bacteria.

And when in contact with the bottom of the foot, the purifying chemicals present in a raw onion, enter one’s bloodstream transdermally (through the skin).

Absurd Abilia

All you have to do, is cut up two thin slices of an organic onion (white or red) and place them at the bottom of each of your feet. Keep them there using comfortable, breathable socks and go to bed.

The chemicals in the onion will directly interact with the meridians in your feet to purify your blood and rid you of a host of bacteria, germs and pathogens present in your body.

Be Happy Tips

That’s the reason behind the ol’ naani ka nuskha of rubbing an onion against your feet when you have a cold or fever! Yep, it’s true, it works.

And you don’t have to wait for a fever to go ahead and take advantage of this amazing and super-simple detox trick.