Around 7 years ago when Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars with its inspiring rags-to-riches story of a young boy, the actors of the movie became overnight stars. However, it was particularly the little kids who who caught the media’s attention.

Two out of the 3 child actors, Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail were picked from Bandra’s Garib Nagar slum, from among 300 children, and the movie proved to be a life-changing experience for them. The child actors shared the screen with the likes of Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, and went on to win appreciation for their commendable acting skills. It’s been around 8 years since the movie released but we still haven’t gotten enough of them. The kids are all grown up now. Here’s what each of them is up to.

Azhar played a younger Salim, the brother of the film’s lead character, and travelled to Los Angeles for the Oscars ceremony with the entire cast. He also acted in a film titled Kal Kisne Dekha and was last seen in a re-union of the child-actors from the film in 2014. 

The lad’s all grown up now. This is how he looks:

Ayush Mahesh Khedekar

Ayush rose to fame after playing the role of little Jamal Malik in the movie. Although, he was previously seen in television serials and a couple of advertisements, his acting skills were noticed and appreciated in this heartwarming drama.

Ayush continues to act and is the main protagonist in his latest movie, Ek tha hero. Way to go, Ayush!  



Rubina Ali

She melted our hearts with her portrayal of little Latika in the Oscar winning movie. Rubina was spotted in a Mumbai slum when she was offered the role.

Now 16, the little girl has grown up to be a beautiful lady. She is currently studying to take her Class 10 board exams privately. “Har ladki ka sapna hota hai heroine ban na. I definitely want to be in the movies,” she told Indian Express in an interview