If you think your pet is mischievous because it nibbled your footwear or tore your important papers into shreds, wait till you read what a Portland woman’s pet did to her.

Ashley Glawe from Portland is one gutsy woman to have a python as her pet. But things got out of hand when her pet snake decided to have a field day at the expense of her earlobes.


Ashley Glawe owns a ball python whom she lovingly calls Bart. Now snakes like holes, so you can’t blame Bart for going on a little adventure. The python entered her gauged earlobe with a mission of going all the way through it but instead, the poor snake got stuck. 

Ashley posted a photograph of herself with the python dangling from her earlobe on Facebook and it attracted thousands of likes and shares.  


But our woman here isn’t someone who panics. She was taken to the emergency room, where she posted another selfie of the python caught in action. In case you’re wondering what happened next, Ashley shared on Facebook: 

“They lubed him (Bart) up, numbed my ear, stretched it out a little more, and pulled him back through.”

And you thought you were having a bad day, eh?