A lot of us have been there. Sitting for placements after placements. Trying to get a job that shall help other people get a little closer to their dreams and killing your own in the process.

We have been at a place where we know we will probably not love the job that comes along with a corporate setting, crazy working hours and very little money. 

We have sat down to watch our dreams breaking into several pieces as we see our names on the list of selected candidates. 


Even though this is a safe bet to make in most cases because most of us have money constraints, some people dare to dream and dare hard enough to make them come true, come what may. 

The latest Sonata ad celebrates those people. 

People who have decided to not conform to societal expectations, draw their own path and fulfill their own dreams.

Have a look. Probably this will make you think about YOUR dreams and perhaps, this time you will do something about them. 

So, what’s on your mind?