In the past couple of weeks, you might’ve seen some memes on social media that are at once super funny and super feminist. They’re part of a series by The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman, which put together a series of crowd-sourced memes, which followed this pattern:

The creators of The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman spoke to Vagabomb, and said, “Our aim was simply to challenge and break some of the infinite gender related stereotypes that exist online, in households, at workplaces and academic institutions, and in everyday life in general. We want to provide an alternative, gender inclusive narrative without taking the serious and heavy tone. We think that the best way to beat regressive, sexist humour is with empowering, inclusive humour.”

This project started on January 8th, and concluded on the 22nd, and covered practically all the major issues that sexism entails with some really witty memes.

See more of these when the series comes back next month!

All Images Courtesy – The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman