Last seen in Bollywood in English Vinglish, the beautiful Sridevi recently gave the Tamil movie-goers a stunning performance as the antagonist in ‘Puli’. And to unwind from shooting for the fantasy film, Sridevi has been vacationing with her daughters Khushi and Jahnavi and husband Boney Kapoor.

Clad in stylish winter gear, it looks as if the Kapoor family have been holidaying somewhere among the snow-capped mountains of Georgia – and the pictures are just perfect!

Doing the holiday right – food wise.

The vacay was spent with Sridevi being the style icon that she is.

But her daughters Khushi and Jahnavi aren’t far behind.

Truly, what better way to celebrate time off work?

Like mother like daughters: Chilling level expert.

This is what quality family-time done right looks like.

I mean, look at all that love. Aww, right? Aww.

The three magnificent Kapoor women. The world’s a prettier place thanks to them!

Someone certainly had a marvellous Mother’s Day. You rock, Sridevi, and so does your family!

All images sourced from Instagram