No matter what you do, you can’t stop ageing, right? Well, here’s a woman who’s clearly NOT ageing! 

Meet Puspa Dewi, a 50-year-old woman from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yes, she is actually 50 years old!


After one of her pictures went viral on social media, people went crazy talking about her as they just couldn’t believe her age.

In fact, Puspa admits that strangers often mistake her two sons to be her boyfriend instead!


A successful entrepreneur who runs HadiGenetics, Puspa has about 250,000 followers on Instagram. She often appears on Indonesian TV as well. 

Apart from a rigorous skincare regime, she always exercises regularly, maintains a healthy diet and credits her constant state of happiness for her youthful appearance.


She spoke to Detik about her everyday life:

People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now. The children are all grown up and I get to run a business I love. I guess I am just radiating happiness.

Puspa says her love for aerobics, swimming, badminton and Zumba is the reason for her trim physique. 

And by the way, this is her with her husband:


You can watch Puspa working out here:

Talk about ageing like fine wine, right?