It’s an age-old tradition for some and a new fad for others, but whatever it is, yoga is something everyone swears by. Whatever be your requirement, yoga has the answer. However, most yoga enthusiasts stick to the regular, traditional forms. But with so much innovation and new thinking happening, yoga has certainly evolved over the years. 

Pitching his part in this evolution is Sarvesh Shashi who at a young age started Zorba – a yoga studio – all on his own. Giving a twist to the age-old tradition of yoga, Zorba offers 22 different types of yoga that are tailored for all age groups. His aim: to make yoga accessible and easy for a 6-year-old as well as an 80-year-old.

So here are the different branches of yoga that Zorba offers: 

1. Basketball Yoga

Who would’ve thought a sport could be integrated into the practice of yoga, right? Well, surprisingly a lot of basketball players actually swear by basketball yoga.


2. Brick Yoga

Apart from building a structure, bricks are apparently a good tool to do yoga with, as well. Brick yoga enhances strength, flexibility and balance and also helps in correcting posture.


3. Stick Yoga 

Bending your body with a stick as support is probably one of the best ways of incorporating a tool. Stick yoga is the ultimate way to stretch. It helps in faster recovery from injuries, reduces stress and helps with a better balance as well.


4. Aerial Yoga 

Aerial yoga is in the air, quite literally. It’s basically doing the traditional yoga poses on a satin cloth that hangs from the ceiling. Really good to try if you want to enhance your strength and are looking for a stronger core.


5. Insight Yoga

Insight yoga weaves the practices of traditional yoga, Buddhism and Taoism for a wholesome experience. If you’re looking for some stress relief, then this is the one for you. 


6. Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

It’s looks exactly like it sounds – you do yoga on a paddleboard. They are specially made paddleboards so that it’s easier to balance. Pretty good, right?


7. Wheel Yoga

A prop called ‘Yoga Wheel’ is used in this branch of yoga. The benefits of wheel yoga are innumerable, but if we are to spell them out, then it’s super useful if you’re looking to strengthen your core and if you’re looking to do some deep stretches.


8. Moon Salutation Yoga

It rolls just like Suryanamaskar and is known as ‘Chandra Namaskar‘. It comprises a sequence of poses, where each pose is coordinated with a pattern of breathing. It calms your mind, stretches your spine and is really useful if you need to work on your hamstrings and the back of your legs.


9. Chair Yoga

Just like basketball, brick, wheel and rope, a chair can also be used as a prop to make traditional yoga a bit more fun. You can practice this either by sitting on your chair or by using your chair as support to do the standing yoga poses.


10. Sculpt Yoga

Sculpt yoga is yoga with weights and it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s intense, it’s hardcore and we suggest you do some serious thinking before you sign up. But if you can survive through an hour long intense session of sculpt yoga, then you’re a survivor and it is definitely made for you.


11. Power Yoga

Just as it sounds, it’s packed with a lot of power and intensity. It involves a fluid movement between your poses, without breaking the flow of your poses or your breathing. Not for the faint-hearted. Will you be able to keep up?


12. Yin Yoga

It is the most relaxed form of yoga, with asanas that focus more on stretching muscles and helping you meditate. Yin Yoga, requires you to hold your asanas from anywhere between 3-5 minutes. Thus, improving flexibility, agility and increasing circulation.


13. Theraband Yoga

Therabands are broad bands that are stretchy and super-lightweight. Yoga with Theraband uses the band to practice traditional yoga poses. Theraband Yoga certainly has its perks and it’s really useful for people with serious back problems.


14. Quantum Yoga

Quantum Yoga uses your current mental, physical, psychological condition and devises a series of dynamic sequences that tends to your need, specifically. From strengthening your muscles to increasing your stamina, Quantum Yoga is extremely beneficial.


15. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is yoga of awareness. It ropes in all your faculties to focus on one thing – your spiritual and mental growth. It vitalises the body, expands lung capacity and strengthens the nervous system.


16. Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga has 5 rites to rejuvenation. This practice is also known as the ‘Fountain of Yoga’ because of its revitalising benefits. From curing age-related health problems to fixing your hair-loss problems, this one branch of yoga can cure it all.


17. Pragya Yoga

Pragya Yoga deals with controlled movements, strengthening of muscles and regularising blood flow in the body. This style of yoga often includes chanting of certain mantras while performing the asanas as well.


18. Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is basically Hatha Yoga performed under extremely hot conditions. The asanas involve stretching and following a particular pattern of breathing. The heat combined with the extreme exercise produces a good amount of sweat, that helps release toxins. 


19. Aqua Yoga

Usually done in lukewarm water, Aqua Yoga is the new trend. Why? Because even the most difficult asanas become easy when done in water. Benefits range from improved balance, decrease in stress and fatigue and an overall health boost.


20. Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga adopts some features from the Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. It aims for a wholesome growth of both body and spirit. In addition to the general benefits, it also decreases the cholesterol level in our body.


21. Hybrid Yoga

From Koga (Kickboxing + Yoga) to Disco Yoga, there are a billion varieties out there, all up for your taking. Just a bit of mix-match and you’re ready with your personalised style of yoga. 


22. Hatha Yoga

The yoga of balance, Hatha Yoga is one of the main forms of yoga that is widely practised. It focuses on mind, body, and spirit.


About Sarvesh Shashi

Sarvesh Shashi is a man with many talents. He’s the unusual combination of tradition and modernity. He’s the young force behind progressive yoga in the country. And the youngest CEO to get funding in the Yoga industry.