If there’s ever an award for the best minister, Sushma Swaraj would be the unanimous winner! Once again, the External Affairs Minister has proved that she’s a leader India deserves. Be it resolving the saas-bahu fights or bringing Indians back from the Middle-East, the super minister does everything in her power to help.

Not too long ago we read about a Pakistani woman who went on a trip alone because her husband’s visa was rejected. This time, in a role-reversal, it was an Indian man who had to venture out on a solo honeymoon because his wife couldn’t make it.

Delhi resident Faizan had to leave for his Europe trip alone as his wife, Sana, had lost her passport. So he tweeted a picture of himself travelling with his wife’s photo on the adjoining seat to the external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj! 

We all know that getting a new passport is a huge task in India. So Faizan decided to tweet about his problem to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). This wasn’t Faizan’s first tweet to Swaraj. He had been tweeting about his solo trip to the minister for quite a while, asking for help. But the picture of him alongside his wife’s photograph caught the minister’s attention and she promptly tweeted back! Her tweet read:

“Ask your wife to contact me. I will ensure that she is with you on the next seat.” 

This was not the end of it. The minister also followed up on the issue and immediate action was taken. Just an hour later, she tweeted Faizan informing him that his wife would receive her duplicate passport the next day!

Clearly Faizan and Sana couldn’t be more thankful to the minister and praised her for the generosity!

How we wish every minister was as concerned for the little people of this country as she is!