Sponsored by Swiggy

Going to restaurants can be stressful at times. From making reservations to driving down to the place, eating out is just so much work. I mean, why go to a restaurant when you can order food at home and chill out? That’s exactly what delivery partners are for! They navigate through the twists and turns, follow GPS directions no matter how vague the address may be, brave the rain and traffic – only to deliver our box of happiness on time, that too with a smile on their face. Doesn’t that make them the unsung heroes of our time? 

On their 4th anniversary, Swiggy is honouring their delivery partners who make delivering smiles on a regular basis possible. The video is an ode to these diligent heroes, who put their duty above all else and they do such a fantastic job at that. It’s such a heartening gesture to watch Swiggy thank ‘their feet on the street’ that we can’t help but drown in *feels* 

Watch the video to know more.