We have all had that one teacher in school whom we always admired. There is always that one teacher whom we love, whom we idolised, that one teacher who defined our growing up years, who shaped our beliefs. 

Our Indian education system may be riddled with problems, but there are a few teachers who go beyond the classroom, who do not follow the said rules and pave way for a more holistic approach to learning. This high school teacher tweeted about how he tried to do things a little differently so his students don’t feel like they are in a regular classroom. 

Of course, for most of us, the method of teaching meant regime, it meant discipline and most of all it meant boredom!  We longed for the day we’d be allowed to have our class outside in the field or we would get to go to the lab. 

This teacher has tried to put together his approach to teaching for others out there to maybe not take this so seriously.  

It’s definitely not exciting to be studying in a boring place. 

No high-schooler likes silence, so this is a good thing. 

Food for thought. 

Teaching an additional lesson through teaching

Education and learning are not just about books, it needs to transcend beyond classrooms. 

Team work is key.

High-schoolers refusing a break is definitely a rare thing!

This is something we can all vouch for. 

A joy for a teacher and there is no greater reward for one. 

A little message for the parents with young children to encourage learning through fun.

He sums up his thread by reminding us that we are all teachers in some way and that we are always influencing others. 

We have all got a little to learn from him.