Let me begin by saying that I’ve never played any sport in my entire life.

Except of course, oonch-neech and chuppan-chuppai.

But apart from that, nothing. 

Still, I always used to look forward to the PT period.

Because PT period was as good as a free period. 

I mean there wasn’t much to do after some initial strike jumps and, if the annual Sports Day was around the corner, some basic march past practice. 

That’s it. After that, it was just a bunch of over enthusiastic kids running after a football while some, like me and my friends, used to merely loiter around the field soaking in some sun.

World vision

But, there are some jinse humari yeh sasti khushiyaan bardaasht nahin hoti thi.

Some, who just want to watch the world burn.

Just like that one teacher, who used to come up with that lame syllabus excuse to snatch away our PT period. And I earnestly believe, they derived immense pleasure from their heinous act.


And, to add insult to the injury, they would never tell us beforehand about this development. We’d all get up from our seats all chirpy and excited, and boom! That’s when they’d make a villanous entry.

Not say a word, and just sit on the chair.

Imagine. Like they wouldn’t even give us an explanation. They’d just expect us to understand. I mean, what are we? Psychics? 


And God forbid if the disappointment showed on our faces. Because that meant a moral lecture lasting  at least 15 minutes.

“The syllabus isn’t complete, and you are more concerned about the PT period? You know we are behind syllabus, and we need to cover it. Here I am making an extra effort, why can’t you?”

I don’t get it. If we’re behind syllabus, how is that our problem? I mean we come to school every day. We sit in your class every day. Why should we pay the price then?


Even after so many years, the pain remains.