An incident from Kerala had come to light where a class XII student had been expelled for hugging a female schoolmate.

The school even stalked their social media profiles to make their case stronger and what’s even more surprising is that the Kerala High Court also upheld the school’s decision.


The apparent regressive attitude of the school didn’t go down well with Shashi Tharoor. Being an MP from Kerala, Tharoor spoke on the issue, condemning it.


He spoke on how wrong and unnecessary it was to sexualise innocent affection.

He even expressed concern on the effects the news is going to have on the minds of the people. He realised the negative image of India it is going to cast to the world at large.

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Tharoor. The school has definitely blown the issue out of proportion, playing with the lives of two innocent children.

Are humans expected to live as robots with no affection for fellow beings?