We all tend to remember a random act of kindness no matter how small it is. Try helping a stranger without hoping for anything in return and you’ll realize the real meaning of happiness. And as they say, what goes around comes around. So, whenever you are nice to someone, it definitely comes back to you in the best way possible. 

Someone on Quora asked the best thing that happened for being nice and the answers are going to make you really happy.

1. When I was doing my masters, my teacher mistakenly gave me 15 extra marks in my final exam. This addition of marks raised my grade from B to A. 

When I told my friend, she asked me to keep it a secret. But I went to my teacher’s room and told him that he mistakenly added 15 marks.

b’- xe2x80x8bIsma Shaheen’

2. My 2009 Macbook died last year and I brought it in to Apple to fix. They were unable to fix it at the counter, so they sent it to their warehouse and charged me the fee.

More than a week later, I hadn’t heard back, so I called their customer service and sat on the phone on hold for 1.5 hours. I was pretty irritated at that point, but I kept my cool and chatted with the person who came on the phone. As it were, my computer was too old to fix, essentially, so it came down to a choice​ ​— I could wait until the part I needed came in on back order, and get it fixed for free, or they would help me get a good deal on a refurbished computer.
b’- Tori Lauren’

3. I am currently posted in ​the ​Obs and Gynae department of my hospital. A ​​primigravida was in labour. She was crying and shouting ​in pain. 

I tried talking to her. Pacified her. Held her hand through out the delivery. It was a baby girl. ​came back from ​my duty and slept.
b’- Aarushi Sharma’

4. I’m a truck driver. 

One day, when I was waiting in line to load at a coffee warehouse, the driver behind me​, ​who was an owner-operator​, ​asked if he could load before me because he was in a hurry to get to his delivery on time.
b’- Rhys Bowen’

5. ​My ​neighbour​’s ​wife ​was homebound. She suffered from dementia and hardly remembered her own children. 

For some reason, when I met her in her own house,​ we had a nice chat and we laughed a lot. A week later, her husband told me how joyful his wife had been since my visit and how she had been talking about me constantly​, ​and even remember​ed ​my name.
b’- Isabelle Smith’

6. There is this receptionist in my office building who has a very serious face. 

Every morning I would smile at him and say hi​, ​and he never replie​d. ​Sometimes​,​ it’s a forceful greeting back and some other time​, ​it’s a serious face.
I said “ I will take a cookie from the box​, not the whole box.” He then said​, “​No please take the whole box, you are really very sweet and I am very happy that you greet me every single day.”

7. One story I remember is when I was 16, I didn’t own a computer and I used to surf the internet in an internet cafe. 

One day​, ​I was at ​a cafe downtown where we had to pay after, so I completely forgot to pay and went home. ​Halfway home, I realized I hadn’t paid and turned back.
b’- Alexandra Calarasu’

8. In 2001, I needed an expedited passport for the first time to go teach English in Taiwan. 

I went to the Chicago passport office​ and politely explained the clerk that I needed my passport to fly to Taiwan within 2 weeks.
She let me know that my passport would be ready in 6 hours. ​Six hours later​, ​I returned and picked up my passport.

9. I was a volunteer DJ at a small classical music radio station at the end of the ​’​90s. 

One of my listeners was an elderly German lady who would always phone me to thank me for the music. We developed a friendship over the telephone until I had to leave the radio to take a up a job elsewhere. 
b’- Emily Myburgh’

10. Mid ’90s in India. I really needed a particular document to get a change of my flight. 

I entered the office and the lady at the counter informed me there is no way I could get it​. The director supposedly didn’t do such confirmations very easily. I noticed she was struggling with her computer so I asked what was the problem. She said it was probably a virus. She couldn’t get rid of it for months. I offered help and ​​immediately​, ​there was a smile on her face.
b’- Nara Petrovic’

11.  In 1994​, ​my then​ ​husband was arrested for soliciting a hit man to kill me. 

He was apprehended by federal agents through a sting operation. As more information was revealed about how he was caught, I learned that my husband had contacted a member of the Outlaw motorcycle gang looking for the killer.
A quarter saved my life and sent my now-ex husband to prison for 21 years.

12. There are many stray dogs in the street where I live. 

One day​, ​I just fed a stray dog with half of my biscuit when I was having my night walk in the silent street. From the next day, till a week, whenever I walk, being alone or accompanied by my friends, the stray dog followed me.
b’xc2xa0- Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan’

13. Once in Reno​, ​I held a door open for an older couple who was entering a casino. 

It was only a random act of kindness.
All ​that ​the man said was​, ​don’t worry about it, and that he appreciated my kindness and him and his wife just continued walking inside.

If we help each other like this, the world will definitely be a better place to live in!