This montage of images compiled by Dutch historian, Jo Teeuwisse, shows what it would look like if the ‘ghosts of war’ returned to the streets. A juxtaposition of images from both eras (present and World War II), presents a stark contrast of how times have changed. 

What did World War II look like? 

“I knew what happened there, but knowing the exact spot of some detail will etch it into your visual memory,” she said.

Soldiers speeding past the rubble and modern-day markings in Paris

Here’s the original image

The Brigade

This emotive shot captures the horror of war, in the French city of Cherbourg

German prisoners of war being walked through the streets by American soldiers

A snap back to reality!

Germans being forced into a surrender, in Domfront, Orne.

Honouring the dead at a memorial that has stood the test of time

Soldiers resting by the rue

Saint Marcouf, Manche

Men in uniforms seen outside the La Madeleine à Sainte Marie du Mont, Marche, very close to the beaches of Normandy

The horrific sight of a dead German soldier

Oh, how the times have changed!