The name Haywards 5000 has always stood for unmatched quality and great taste, so much so that many of us would claim Haywards to be the first beer that we’ve ever tasted. The entire experience has been so deeply Indian, that we’ve never doubted its origins to be anything otherwise. Hence, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know that the founder of such a reputed name is a Britisher named Anthony Howard. Set up in 1905, in Konnager, West Bengal, the brand has a truly storied legacy that most people do not know about. 

Which is why when Benjamin Hayward, grandson of Anthony Hayward witnessed a BBC news report about Haywards 5000, it gave him the impetus to travel to India From Birmingham, UK to trace the origins and heritage of the company created by his grandfather. The documentary, “Two Men & A Beer” a throwback to making India’s very own beer, covers the young scion’s soul-searching journey. His search brings him to SABMiller in Bengaluru, the company currently holding ownership to the brand, who point him in the right direction to begin his quest.  The first leg of his trip, called “Chapter One: A Reunion” explores his escapades in Goa and sets him on an emotional journey across the country. Watch on to know more about his adventures.

If that riveting film makes you want to know more, watch the next leg of his adventure here.