Every dog-lover in the world that has access to the internet probably knew and loved one of the biggest recent non-human celebrities – Mishka, the talking husky. Her video telling her humans ‘I love youuu’ went viral and admittedly, had a lot of us howling ‘I love youuu’ right back to her too – well, to our screens, if you think about it.

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And as all good things must come to an end, so has our time with that delightful mutt. Mishka passed away on Wednesday, 5th April, and her humans are not alone in missing her terribly.


In a Facebook post announcing the sad passing, Mishka’s pet parents wrote that she stayed strong till the end and went peacefully. The 14-year-old husky, having made several TV show, movie and commercial appearances, was a legit celebrity and had a wonderful life.


Her fans around the world flooded the post with responses of love and support for her humans, and with moving stories about how Mishka touched their lives.


You can read the complete post here:

Rest in peace, you amazing girl. You will never be forgotten. Here’s why…