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Cricket season is in full swing and so is the excitement amongst us, viewers. But there’s a lot more that goes on while the match is being played. There is stress, confusion, sweat and a lot of nail-biting suspense going on in the locker room too. And what does one need at that time? (Cue: SRK’s sattar minute speech)

An inspiring behind the scene pep talk can make or break the game. And we recently came across another one, which was not only motivating but also entertaining. After all who wants a boring locker room talk that would put you off to sleep? Enter Captain Morgan with all his wit, charm and charisma who is now officially the cool new fun captain of the RCB team. This Carribean pirate is a fun-loving, pun-cracking and charming new friend of the team, who keeps the team going in his own quirky way. And one lesson that I learned from him is that you not only need to know your game well but also how to have fun while doing it.

So let’s have a ball… and a bat! Check out more such advice in the video below.