If you are inquisitive about the stellar uncommon views and experiences that would have unfolded had you been a pilot, the photographs by these pilots share on Instagram will impassion you to explore more. 

On their pages, you will find shots ranging from cockpit selfies to the views of what lies in front of it miles above the ground. They even get to celebrate their birthdays on board… how cool is that!

Here are some photos to give you a glimpse of their indescribable experience which will make you want to take flying lessons now:

1. @officewithviews 

2. @mariathepilot

Dejected with your boring desk? This is where pilots work.

3.  @karimthecaptain

You’ll never get to see the runway this way.

4. @pilotmaria 

They know how to take the best selfies!

And they’re the masters at handling the helicopter and the selfie stick!

5. @troybflying

That’s how these guys roll!

Fascinated by the fighter line? They get to take these bad boys for a spin!

6. @althani350

Is it flying or floating above the water?

A city among the clouds. Wish I could see this!

7. @doyoufly_

Just hanging out, out of the cockpit window!

Photography goals.

8. @santiagoborja

Scared of turbulence? They experience the rush of navigating during storms!

The entire city laid out in front of your window. Now that’s a sight to behold.

9. @borneogeek

Just look at that sharp and stylish uniform.

And we just write ‘To the moon and back!’ 

 10. @echosierra85

Does your office let you relax at such cool places?

11. @pilotvandam

Think such scenes exist in paintings? It’s a usual sight for pilots.

12. @theskybeyond

And here you were happy with your passenger seat!

Glaciers up close looks like outer space experience, best job ever!

13. @unaica

Get confused even with GPS?! See how many tabs pilots have to keep.

14. @lucyncollins

Just chill! Even when you’re miles above the ground.


It’s good to have a companion while flying, right?

Who wouldn’t be happy with such spectacular experiences. 

16. @janstycen 

What we save as wallpaper is a regular sight for pilots!

A selfie on top!

17. @737pilotgirl

Ever had this much fun with colleagues at workplace?

Mic set, now ready to take off! 

18. @susythepilot

Massive love for job and jet! And why not?!

Ever got to write on the body of your flight?!

Follow the Instagram handles of these pilots for more such rare and restricted views of a pilot’s life and the sky above.