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Being a dad is a full-time job. From being the doting parent to being the strict disciplinarian, our fathers have assumed every role with such ease, that we’ve often, in hindsight wondered, ‘How do they do it?’ And while we’ve always viewed our dads as the hard taskmaster, beneath the gruff exterior, the strict rules and the ‘time-outs,’ lies a gentle figure who only wants to fill our lives with as much love and joy as they can muster. 

Our ‘new-age’ dads are shunning their ‘strict’ image and are not afraid to become child-like with us kids, just so that we can connect with them in a more profound way. And that’s so heartening to know.  In fact, we can always rest a little easier knowing that they’d be there to catch us when we fall in one moment and be our partner in crime, to the next. This Father’s Day, SBI Life presents a simple and yet profound video that describes the wonderful child-like relationship of a father and his child with such beauty that we can’t help but be drowned in “feels.” We salute the indomitable spirit of this new-age dad and hope that when the time comes we can be half as strong and caring as they are.