Flipping through National Geographic’s photographs invokes a deep sense of nostalgia. Masterfully captured, yet detail-driven, these pictures are priceless treasures. Under the project called ‘Found‘, NatGeo’s mission was to bring back lost pictures to life by exposing them to new audiences. 

Here are 35 of the most iconic never-seen-before pictures:

The Statue of Liberty at dawn – 1978

David Alan Harvey

Irish Guards stand at attention after one guardsman faints – June 1966

James P. Blair

Hikers atop a natural rock bridge on Mt. Rainier – May 1963

Barry Bishop

Kitten attacking its own reflection – 1964

Walter Chandoha

Young lovers embracing in Paris – 1960

Thomas Nebbia

Tourists find massive dead tree with tunnel cut out for a road in Sequoia National Forest – May 1951

Andrew H. Brown

John F. Kennedy’s Coffin lies beneath The Capital’s Dome – November 1963

George F. Mobley

A 3000 feet waterfall in Venezuela – March 1963

Thomas J. Abercrombie

London school boys pose with King Penguins – 1953

B. Anthony Stewart and David S. Bower

Woman dressed like a Chinese goddess poses in California – 1915

Franklin Price Knot

Welts, considered as signs of beauty, on the back of a Nuba woman in Sudan – 1966

Horst Lutz

Co-existing in harmony – April 1964

Walter Chandoha

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Walter Maeyers Edwards

Neil Armstrong floating in his space suit – 1967


People survey the Giant Statues of Easter Island, Polynesia – December 1922

J.P. Ault

Greek dancers at Poseidon’s Temple – Greece 1930

Maynard Owen Williams

A kitten on a floating Victoria Water Lily Pad- 1935

Astronaut Bruce McCandless floats a few meters away from Space Shuttle Challenger


The wind sculpting the dunes of the Sahara, Algeria – 1973

Thomas J. Abercrombie

Rainbow arches over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Volkmar Wentzel

Atop a cliff overlooking a scenic bay near Trieste, Italy – 1956

B. Anthony Stewart

Grace Kelly in Monaco – 1962

Gilbert M.

Men at work; blasting granite to build tunnels – 1963

Robert B. Goodman

Solitary fisherman’s home in Newfoundland, Canada – 1974

Sam Abell

Young people relax by a pool in California – 1940

J. Bailor

A young girl plays inside a replica of a Lunar-module in Canada – August 1975

Robert Madden

‘Bathyscaphe Trieste’ journeys to the bottom of the Mariana Trench – January 1960

US Navy

A girl sitting by a lake in California – 1929

Charles Martin

Sand and rain wreaks havoc over a lone automobile in Kuwait – 1969

David Cupp

Balloon from Anchorage, Alaska, flies over Cook Inlet – 1986

Chris Johns

Visitors in Acapulco, Mexico, as seen through a palm frond – 1964

Thomas Nebbia

Incredible Hampi

Vikram Phatdare

American bisons walking through heavy snow in Yellowstone National Park – November 1967

William Albert Allard

Flock of birds seen through an enclosed courtyard in Old Havana – December 1987

James L. Stanfield

Egyptian belly dancer performs for tourists in Cairo – 1972

Winfield Parks

Fascinating, ain’t it?