Let’s face it, with time, we probably end up buying close to a hundred shoes in our lifetime. We first fall in love with a pair and then fall out of love with a pair. And the cycle goes on and on just because well, either they’re worn out or they’re just plain simple boring now. While in the former, you can’t really do anything, in the latter you can pimp your kicks just by changing their lacing style.

To stop you from getting bored and then never wearing your beloved pair again, we are bringing you 4 super-cool lacing styles that will totally jazz up your shoes.

We all have different types of feet, I mean, no matter how hard you try, you will never find someone who has the exact same feet as you. And worse, we are never able to find the shoe that fits us perfectly.  So, to make sure our shoe remains our love throughout, you can lace them according to your feet, to get that perfect snug fit. 

And while there are many styles that one can do, we selected these 4 styles as the go-to styles that will totally suit your feet. The Hash lacing style is a crowd favourite. It’s simple, yet it will make you stand out. The Lattice lacing is the for the ones who are scared to experiment but trust me, this lacing style will definitely make people bow their heads to check out your swag. Coming to those who take their runs really really seriously, the lacing for Narrow Feet. This lacing style allows you have to max comfort and snug fit every time you run. The last and probably the best of the lot is the lacing style for more Stability. This 2-in-1 lacing style gives you additional support, not just for the ankles but your heel as well. Not only will this make you love your shoe a lot more, the lacing will also ensure that they remain wrapped to your feet throughout. 

While these are just four cool ways of lacing your shoes, you can use the PUMA Netfit as a blank canvas to create infinite lacing styles. So go on, give your shoes a brand new life!

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