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Who doesn’t love beer? The magical courage-giving, inhibition-loosening elixir that makes people prettier and nights more memorable. For many of us self-proclaimed beer enthusiasts, there is nothing that makes life worth living like a chilled glass of beer. That being said, it is important to point out that there are two kinds of beers – the average kind and the good kind. And if you prefer the latter (you know you do), then reading about the origin stories and flavour profiles of these 5 beers will make you very, very thirsty. 

Here Goes…


Best known for being the world’s first tequila flavoured beer, Desperados is a full bodied lager enriched with an exotic tequila twist. The zesty flavour profile contains spicy notes and hints of lemony sweetness. And if that wasn’t enough, the brew also comes in a lovely see-through, long-neck bottle.

Going by the name, packaging and flavour profile, you would think this is a Mexican brew, while in truth, it’s actually a proud product of la France! Didn’t see that coming, did ya, Monsieur?


Affligem is not just a world class beer, but also a reminder of Belgium’s rich medieval history. Its story began in 1074, when six knights returned home to Affligem (Belgium), after years of battle. The knights decided to dedicate the remainder of their lives to peace, and exchanged their armours for monks’ robes. A few years later, they set up the famous abbey and brewery of Affligem. 

Crafted over a thousand years of mastery, Affligem, a double-fermented abbey beer is a glorious expression of true quality and rich taste. Every sip you take offers you the roundness of tropical fruits and a super refreshing finish. No wonder the brew delights the palates of even the most demanding connoisseurs and lovers. 

Dos Equis

Aah! The brew that’s endorsed by the most interesting man in the world, himself.


The makers actually call it the party guest who is always invited but never overstays his welcome. Hmmm… wonder why?

This light beer is inspired by the last leader of Aztecs, Moctezuma who confronted the Spanish Conquistadors. It was first made by a German brewmaster, who, in 1884, brought his talent to Mexico and mixed it up with Latin traditions. Dos Equis is a light, balanced and smooth blend of all the right malts, spices and Earth tones.


Edelweiss is brewed in Kaltenhausen, a small, idyllic village at the foot of the Untersberg, located in the middle of the Alps, not far from Salzburg in Austria. Two things make Edelweiss truly special. First, the fact that it is a very specific kind of wheat brew and second, that it is a true embodiment of Austria’s culture. It was first brewed in 1475, over 500 years ago. Through all these years, what remained constant was the original recipe for brewing Edelweiss. This age-old recipe has resulted in Edelweiss receiving numerous international awards for its outstanding quality and flavour.


Sol, a Mexican classic, is much more than just another beer for the people of Mexico. It’s an undeniable part of the Mexican spirit and a tribute to its deeply rooted culture. Born in ‘El Salto del Agua’ brewery near Mexico City in 1899, Sol represents a passionate journey to freedom. The freedom to choose and celebrate every day without pretense or compromise. And it is this independent spirit and fiery attitude that Sol takes wherever it goes. So, when you hold a chilled bottle of Sol in your hand, you hold the freedom to be yourself.

Sol believes in ‘Espiritu Libre’ – You hold the freedom to be yourself!

And to know that now all these legendary beers exist in the world, I have just one thing to say… thank the beer Gods! 

So, which one of these would you wanna try first?