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I am a very lazy person. I imagine fitness to be the Holy Grail of my existence, but languour keeps me chained to my bed, poring over the fitness videos of celebs at best. The last time I went for a run was last year, but to be honest it was for 5 minutes of which I was a heaving and wheezing mess. So this rant comes from a place of longing and familiarity. I occasionally window-shop for running gear and I happened to come across the Reebok FloatRide. After a little digging, I found a plethora of enviable photos and videos of A-list Celebs rocking the shoe. And man, I have some serious fitness pangs now. As I don’t want to suffer alone, I feel I should share this gem with everyone, just so that my fellow lazy men and women can find some stirrings of inspiration.

1. Shahid Kapoor in gym clothes = slayage!

There should be a law against people with this much swagger!

2. And here is Sonakshi Sinha, sending us into a fangirling overdrive.

“Stop being so flawless, you brilliant angel!”

3. And there goes Malaika Arora Khan, a vision of fitness in her tights and FloatRides.

“Can you take us with you, pretty please?”

4. Mandira Bedi, a.k.a queen of “I-just-killed-that-10K-run-like-it’s-NBD!” 

“If I looked half as rested as her after that run, I’d die a happy girl.”

5. Purab Kohli, looking adorable as ever, even when he sprints. Now, how ’bout dah?

“Srsly tho, stop it with the cuteness.”

6. And lastly, Sarah Jane Dias who looks so chic in these shoes, that we can’t, just can’t!

“Why just why?”

So much inspiration, so many fitness goals. Can someone shut up and take our money?