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Adulting can be damn hard. Especially if you’re new to it. When we do succeed at it, it just reminds us of how banal and repetitve life can be. When we fail and let’s be honest, that does happen from time to time, we end up feeling guilty for not being more mature. Seems like a lose-lose situation, right? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. 

A lot of people are beginning to realize that life isn’t binary. It’s strange. It’s messy. It’s unpredictable. It’s silly and wonderful. So whether you’re getting the hang of adulting or someone grappling with it already, understand that there’s no right way to do it and there’s no wrong way either. 

I think that Tinder’s new film hits the nail on the head pretty accurately. It shows us how pre-adulthood or even adulthood is a maze of experiences; good, bad and zany. You just have to trust your instincts and keep going. On the way, you’ll stumble onto a myriad different experiences, adventures, joys and sorrows. Also, you’ll meet a boat load of wonderful people who will eventually define who you are and become part of your life story. 

The film says what we’ve pretty much been thinking for a long time, “Adulting can wait.” Bruce McLaren, the famous racer once said “Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.” It’s time that quote was updated to “Life is measured in memorable moments, not in years or achievements alone.” I’m talking about moments like these.  

1. Finding people who love the same things that you do. 

2. Understanding that romance is often hit or miss. 

3. And being able to walk away from the misses. 

4. Knowing that eventually you’ll land a hit who shares a love of puppers with you.

5. Being able to pass or say no to somemthing when the need arises.

6. Sticking up for a friend in need.

7. Making the best of a bad situation.

8. Letting your hair down with people you vibe with. 

9. And at the end of the day, celebrating who you are, enjoying where you are in life and being able to say, “Adulting can wait.”

Of course, in this wonderful yet complex maze called life, it’s always great to have like minded friends and partners who have your back. Tinder helps with all this and a lot more. Here’s the original film. Really peppy soundtrack. Enjoy!