Movies and popular media portray young girls as uber sexy, confident, goddess-like women who know what they are doing with their lives. Being a 20-something girl myself, I’ve been taught in romcoms and chick flicks that you dare not step out of home unless you’re all glammed up, with just the right amount of make up! In this day and age, where we’re constantly told about the importance of hot and sassy looks, the struggles of finding that one right-sized dress for the party or fretting over the relationship status is a common theme of struggle among us.

So while you hone your skills of setting up the hair exactly how that video tutorial taught, enjoy these pictures by a Romanian artist Cassandra Calin, who took a dig at these common woes of a 20-something girl, through these hilarious sketches! 

All Images via Calin’s Instagram.

You can check out more of her amazing work here and here.