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’10 minutes of quality time’.

A common saying, right? But how often do we really spend this ‘quality time’?

Children crave for their parents’ attention and likewise, every parent wants to spend time with their kids. But more often than not, this time gets divided among smartphones, presentations, television and the kids. And the worrying bit is that many a time, it’s in that very order. Alarming, isn’t it?

While most parents realize the impact this has on their kids, very few actually understand how deeply this affects their children, especially during the early formative years. Taking a cue from this observation, Kores conducted a social experiment, wherein, kids were asked to enact their parents. What happened next was rather eye-opening. 

Evidently, the children miss having that undivided attention of mumma-papa; moments when they expect them to be their best friends and behave just like they do. While the impact of this habit might not be evident right away, it is in situations like the video’s where your child’s loneliness shows up. And no toys or gadgets can make up for that. ‘Cause sometimes, #10MinutesWithMummaPapa is all that it takes to be the loving parents your little ones deserve!