Are your plans sorted for tonight? While people busily plan to have a great time tonight, go for a fancy dinner or go all out partying or curl up on a couch with some good movies, there are some who can’t enjoy this time because of their duties towards us. For all your plans to go down safely and happily, these people work around the clock to make it happen. Take a look at some of them who we take for granted.

1. Traffic police officials

They remain standing throughout the long winter night, manning the roads so that you can reach home safely. 


2. Bouncers

They give up on family time to make sure you have a blast without anyone harassing you.


3. Cab drivers

They manage to reach you despite huge traffic jams and deliver you home safely when you’re too drunk to drive.


4. Bartenders

They cajole drunk revellers to take it easy on the booze when they see they can’t handle it, to make sure no untoward incidents take place.


5. Police

They can’t enjoy holidays because they remain alert and on vigil so that we can celebrate the night safely with our friends and family. 


6. Firefighters

Always on the ready to battle fires risking their lives so they can save ours.


7. Journalists

Working around the clock to keep you well informed of what’s going on around the world in the comfort of your homes. 


8. Doctors

Caring for patients constantly and spending new year’s eve in the hospital to help you. 


9. Pilots

Giving up on their night to be at the helm of the plane, which will take you to eagerly waiting loved ones.


10. Army

It’s not just this night but every night that brave soldiers risk their lives to protect us from harm, as their family awaits their return anxiously. We can’t thank them enough.


11. Maids 

Jharu, pocha, bartan – they take care of all these to make sure our house party is a hit.


12. Garbage Pickers

Sacrificing all holidays to clean up the mess we create everyday.


13. Road Sweepers


 14. Autowallahs

Autowallahs help you reach that new year’s party safely and without hassle.


15. Security Guards

They stand guard outside your homes in the cold, so you can spend your new year’s eve without worries. 


16. Mail Staff

They work all year round to get you warm wishes from loved ones, on time, to make your new year’s eve brighter. 


We are indebted to so many.