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Feeling good, slaying it professionally and personally can take its toll on your hair. Glossy and healthy-looking locks can make you feel like a queen with the world at your feet.

It’s not surprising then that most women have started leaning towards gentler and more carefully formulated hair care products like the range of shampoos and conditioners from Dove Nutritive Solutions. Shampoos and conditioners from Dove nourish and repair hair damage from within, wash after wash, making hair healthier in the long run. Maybe that’s why a lot of women acing different walks of life swear by these products. The proof is in the pudding, people. Here are some women who’ve championed Dove online and rightly so! 

Here’s Rukmini Vijaykumar being as honest as she can be about how she keeps her curls happy. 

So many of you have been asking me how I maintain my curls. I use a conditioner and brush it only when it’s wet. I don’t brush when it’s dry because that makes it frizzy. You can try it in the shower the next time. Many of you will think this is a paid campaign. And yes it is. But you all also know that I’ve barely bombarded you with random products. I’ve tried a lot of conditioners and the only one I consistently use is dove. This is the truth. I find that it isn’t sticky and leaves my hair with bounce. Many others leave my curls sticky and my hair doesn’t look as nice. Try it …. and let me know how it goes…. and next time and I’ll give you more tips about my hair…. without any paid campaign Thank you dove for sending me your new shampoo and conditioner! I don’t have to go to the store this month #NewDoveHair #UnbeatableDamageRepair #dancer #indian #curls #curlyhair #dove #yoga #lshva

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And here is Prashasti Singh, making amends for past mistakes with this hilarious post. 

Mujhe hamesha lagta thha ki khoobsurat to main bhi kaafi hoti bas agar mere baal aise na hote. The first time I started making money, maine saare experiments kar daale – straightening, smoothening, keratin.. anything that could hide the natural texture and waves of my hair.. but was never satisfied. I think with all those chemical fixes, I could never find ME in the mirror. At some point I grew up to finally like myself as I am.. with my skin, my bones and my hair. And thankfully I discovered Dove that makes my imperfect wild hair so easy to manage. With Dove’s simple shampoo and conditioner routine I am able to nourish my hair and make amends for all the damage I inflicted upon it when I was attempting to be a beauty queen. #NewDoveHair #UnbeatableDamageRepair #doveindia #ad

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Ladies and gents, we present the brave Bhumikaa Bhatia in all her candid awesomeness.  

This was supposed to be my initial birthday post, heh. Ive been suffering from Alopicia for the longest time. When @dove got in touch with me last month, i thought i had to shoot a subject, but turns out they wanted me to photograph myself with their new product. A little nervous, thinking how it’ll react with my hair, i gave it a shot and lucky it didn’t react at all. My hair feels amazing and most importantly, i feel amazing. But, please do consult with your trichologist. I applied a foreign product after 5 months of intense treatment. Also, who needs makeup anyway? It’s dove after all! Let’s celebrate beauty the way it should be celebrated. 🙂 . . . #love #portraitmood #portrait #bhumikab #art #bodypositive #doveindia #embrace #sleflove #dazedandexposed #innocence #woman #oftheafternoon #portraitphotography #summer #model #india #herefallsthenight #surreal #visual #emotions #portrait_vision #gameoftones #portraitgames #travellingthroughtheworld #photooftheday #photography #ifyouleave #NewDoveHair #UnbeatableDamageRepair

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Chef Meghna shows us that heat and pressure are nothing against an iron will and of course, a good shampoo…

Your hair is an expression of who you are! So, go ahead; give your hair the care it deserves and the confidence YOU deserve. Dove’s Shampoo and Conditioner protects normal hair from daily wear and tear and repairs hair damage at the same time. Don’t be afraid to style your hair either. These stellar products help strengthen hair against damage from within. You’re already beautiful, just the way you are. And if beautiful and luxuriant hair makes you feel like a queen, go for it.