Jokes aside. Frankly, it’s not just the whirlwind nature of your 20s that you should be worried about. I mean, you can’t control anything about it, can you? What you should really be worried about is the fact that these years will dictate how you’ll be leading the rest of your life financially. Yes, believe it or not, that’s true. So if you’re really interested in NOT being eternally broke or in debt, here are 10 things you should do:

Being in your 20s is like devouring a tub of ice cream: you think it’s never going to get over, but the moment you scoop off the last chunk you’re like…

1. First things first, create a freakin’ budget.

Before you can do anything i.e. make investments, save for your retirement or save for a vacation, you have to know how much you spend. I know, this sounds way too obvious to be oblivious. Probably that’s why it didn’t strike you, did it? 

2. Prune your subscriptions before they give you a heart attack.

Look at your subscriptions. Are you actually going to the gym that much? Do you really need Netflix? What about the newspaper that you haven’t read in ages? Subscriptions work by masking their true annual (and longer) cost, so be sure you’re only subscribing to stuff you really want (read: need). 

3. Save. Duh.

I know, I know. You are not earning that much right now and are barely make it through the month. But trust me, saving is really important. I mean, tomorrow if you lose your job, you will still have to pay rent and eat. So put aside some portion of your paycheck… Every. Single. Time. Also, as your income increases, try to increase the amount you save.

4. Build a cash cushion to save your ass.

The goal of a cash cushion is to have three to nine months’ worth of your fixed expenses in a savings account to pay for life’s unexpected incidents. Life always throws curveballs – your car breaks down, your computer crashes, or you receive an unexpected medical bill – and having money in the bank to cover those expenses will help you maintain your financial peace of mind.

5. Be extremely careful with credit cards.

If you have a steady income, going into some credit card debt isn’t the worst thing in the world for one-off expenses. But not clearing your minimum balance every month is just a recipe for disaster! 

6. However, if you can manage, try and be a credit card baller. 

If you’re stretching on your credit card, try to find the lowest interest rate and annual fee. But if you’re paying the full balance and spending a high amount, actually look around for which card has the best rewards program.

7. Set the right goals for yourself.

Feature Image source: Huffinton post

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