Remember how we used to hate school when we were young? And now, all we want to do is go back to that same place which gave us the best of memories. 

The thing with school was that it got more interesting with every passing year. Yes, the pressure of academics increased but then, somewhere along our adolescent years, friendships became stronger, crushes started happening and the first flush of love entered our lives. 

When girls started to apply a little kajal and guys started to put gel in their hair, just to impress each other. Because now, school was more than just books and notebooks. 

In fact, getting the guy or girl you crushed on to give you a second look was of utmost priority. Nothing else mattered, anything else was of no consequence. And yet, with all the multiple restrictions, we tried our best. 

Especially boys who’d go out of their ways to impress a girl. Just to make her smile. Because hasi toh fasi, right?

Here are 15 things every guy did in school, just to impress a girl. To all the girls reading this, you’d know adorably funny it was. And to all the boys reading this, how’s a little blast from the past?

1. Wearing low-waist trousers to look fashionable. 


2. Changing hairstyles everyday in the hopes of getting a compliment.


3. Being the first person to answer the questions in class. 

An intelligent guy would always get the girls talking! 


4. Getting into fist-fights with boys just to prove your strength. 

A macho man is every girl’s dream guy, is it?


5. Trying to be a sports champion.

The basketball team captain was officially the hottest guy in school. 


6. Contesting for the position of Head Boy. 


7. Befriending the friends of the girl you liked. 


8. Talking to other girls in front of that ‘one’, just to make her feel jealous.


9. Using every opportunity just to sit next to her in class.


10. Defending her in front of the entire class. 

If you stood up for her, she’d definitely give you attention.


11. Staring at her in class instead of looking at the teacher. 


12. Going out to drink water at the same time as her. 


13. Asking all your friends to take her name when she was around.


14. Getting a fancy phone to school just to up your ‘cool’ quotient. 


Boys will be boys!