As children, one of the biggest ambitions of our lives is to make our parents proud. Mind you, it’s not an easy thing to do. But somehow, these Quora users managed to achieve that.

Take a look.

1. This guy who had every reason to give up but didn’t.

2. This guy who didn’t let his parents’ sacrifice go to vain.

3. This girl who turned out to be a braveheart.

4. This girl who won a little more than a scholarship

5. This guy who gave his father the best moment ever.

6. This guy who made his mother ecstatic.

7. This son, who gave his mom the best birthday present ever. 

8. This guy who worked extra hard to help his family.

9. This guy who aimed for the sky. Literally.

10. This guy who did something even the media wanted to cover.

11. This girl who made Smriti Irani her fan.

12. This guy, who did something really special for her bedridden mother.

13. This girl who became the first one in her family to accomplish this.

14. This guy who battled the toughest luck ever.

Inspirational indeed.