There is no greater joy than starting a brand new relationship. We all can agree on the fact that the first few months of a relationship are the best. It’s all about loving the other person unconditionally and not fighting. So, while basking in the glory of a new relationship, here are some things we are all guilty of doing:

1. After waking up, the first thing we do is call or message to wish them “good morning.”

2. Spend the whole night talking to them on the phone. 

3. Randomly send them a text saying, “I LOVE YOU.”

4. Strategically call them up after lunch only to inquire if they have eaten or not. 

5. When on a date, do cute things like hold the door for them, or pull out a chair for them.

6. After a date, fight about who will foot the bill! Even though it’s a small gesture, it is your way of making them feel special.

7. Celebrate every month-o-versary! Because, it’s just so adorable.

8. Think about them 24*7. Whether it is at work, in class or while playing a video game. Your significant other hardly ever leaves your thoughts.

9. Get them chocolates or flowers for no reason.

10. Hold hands whenever possible. 

11. Drive all over the city just to pick/drop them.

12. Skyping with them when going out for a date isn’t possible.

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Feature Image Source: India Times