If you’ve ever been bitten by the wanderlust bug, then at some point you must’ve had this debate with yourself – am I a tourist or a traveller? But in case you haven’t, this quote will surely get you thinking about it:

“I had ambiguous feelings about the difference between tourists and travellers – the problem being that the more I travelled, the smaller the differences became. But the one difference I could still latch on to was that tourists went on holidays while travellers did something else. They travelled.”– Alex Garland (author of The Beach)

I know, it may seem like splitting hairs. But the truth is that no matter how similar they may be, there are differences between the two. And what side you belong, says a lot about what travel really means to you. Here are 8 ways you can tell a traveller from a tourist:

1. Tourists take selfies in front of monuments to prove that they’ve been “somewhere.”


Whereas travellers take photos with the locals to capture their memories.


2. Tourists learn about the place from tour guides, online reviews and apps.


Travellers learn about the place from the people. 


3. Tourists always carry a lot and take away little. 


Travellers do exactly the opposite.



4. Tourists travel to see something or to cross off something from their bucket-list.


Travellers just travel for the sake of travelling! 



5. Tourists generally travel with their friends and family members.


Travellers just make friends and family along the way.



6. Tourists generally head back home from their vacation.


Travellers, on the other hand, head off to someplace else.


7. Tourists stay in hotels.


While travellers stay in homestays.


8. Tourists use maps to get along.


Travellers just prefer getting lost.


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