There’s always the first time when you move out of your house with so many beautiful images of an independent life in your head. However, there are some harsh truths that no one tells you before you plan your big move, more so because you have to face life to realize these. So for all of you frustrated and broken down souls, we want to say that you are not alone and you will sail through these rough waters just like we did. Here are some of the things that everyone has to go through once they step out of that comfortable haven.

1. You will be clueless most of the time

You will feel lost, having no idea whatsoever of how to go about everyday things. Let’s face it, you don’t know how to make your bed, wash clothes, cook your food, you know nothing. You will feel like a responsible adult every time you achieve the bare minimum.


2. You become an expert at reusing clothes and food

From clothes to food, you will always be sniffing things to see if you can make do just one more day with the same ones. Lazy as you are all the laundry keeps piling up. And when there’s so much work, the best thing is to take a power nap.


3. This is the first time reality is going to hit you. Hard!

Moving out makes you realize that your fancy day-dreaming bubble has to burst. Reality is a whole lot different and now is when you have to actually behave like a grown up. You have numerous responsibilities to shoulder and that there are bigger problems than you could even imagine at home.


4. You will become a better judge of human character

You will realize that not everyone who is sweet to you is your friend and this will unfortunately strike you only after facing some sort of backstabbing. However, you will eventually understand who to trust and how much and it will be one of the happiest feelings.


5. You will learn to say ‘no’ as well as it’s importance

I know many of us consider helping someone out as a way of building friendships. But trust me, you learn the hard way that so many times people start taking advantage of your helpful nature and that’s when you learn where to draw the line.


6. You will become a cry-baby initially

Yes, the so called toughest of you is going to cry initially. It comes due to a lot of things- missing home, not having a clue, feeling frustrated and in general defeated. You start double guessing your decision of moving out, hang in there, it gets better.


7. You will begin appreciating your parents and everything they do for you more

You will practically miss your parents all the time! There will be so many times when all you will need is your mom’s hug or dad’s assuring smile. You will realize the numerous sacrifices they have made for you and how they were always standing there as a rock.


8. You will have new found love for all the comforts back at home

Staying out of home makes you realize how much space a single human needs and how little of it you have. You have to fit loads of clothes and all other things in that tiny cupboard of yours and fit yourself in that uncomfortable bed. You can’t wait to get back home and sleep on your king size bed! Indeed there’s no place like home.


9. It’s a new city. You will get lost sometimes. Just don’t panic

It’s hard to keep a track of all the new lanes and by-lanes in the first few weeks of moving to a new city and you are bound to end up at places where you are not supposed to be. This will make you panic initially as it will be another fail at adulting- guilt you see. But chill, it happens to the best of us, Google Maps to the rescue.

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10 Your cooking will get better exponentially

When the maid cooks shitty food and you feel you can cook so much better, so you decide to go ahead and give it a try, only to realize how bad you are at it. That’s when instant noodles become your best friend. However, after multiple trial and errors, you will become capable of cooking a decent meal.

11. You will miss your old friends when you need someone who understands

It takes a little time to create new friendships in a totally new place and even though your old buddies are just a call away, you will miss seeing them in person. Everyone needs that shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough and no one understands you like your besties.


12. Saving and spending judiciously becomes your motto

When you have to survive in the fixed amount of money sent in by your parents, you begin to realize how expensive everything is. You try to cut down expenses as much as you can as you do not want to put extra burden on your parents.


13. You will learn the art of adjusting

You have roommates, college friends or colleagues to adjust with. You might not approve with so many of their habits but then again you know you have to live with them. So, you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge head on.

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14. You will crave Ghar ka khaana

TBH there’s nothing better than eating food cooked by your mom. Moms have the superpower of making even simple foods tasty and when the hostel food just makes you want to puke, you regret all the meals you skipped at home.


15. It gets better in a few months time

All said and done, humans are one of the fastest adapting creatures and so you will get used to all the hardships pretty soon, devising ways to overcome them. So don’t feel discouraged yet, you will make it through just like everyone else and the day you become self-independent will be the greatest feeling in the world.

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Just hold on. This is a phase everyone goes through for the first time and everyone feels equally helpless. But eventually you do figure everything out. The lessons that you learn are there to stay for life and make you a better and more confident individual overall.