In the span of just 6 years, we’re able to make memories for a lifetime! 

That epic prank you played on your best friend? Or, when you crush smiled back at you for the first time ever? Can’t forget those moments, right? After all, what is teenage if not a sum total of all those memories!

Here are 30 things we’ve all done during our teenage years. And if you’ve missed out on any, you clearly missed out on A LOT!

1. Wearing ‘fancy’ clothes for the school’s Diwali Mela and Christmas party!

2. Talking to your crush in whispers so as to not wake up your parents.


3. Keeping that one rose inside a book.


4. Not talking to your parents because they didn’t let you go for a trip with your friends.


5. Gate-crashing a wedding in your colony!


6. Pleading with mom to let you in after coming home late in the night. 

7. Getting a secret tattoo your parents had NO idea about!


8. Always using a friend’s name when going to meet your BF/GF. 


9. Spending hours chatting on Orkut or Yahoo Messenger. 


10. Driving dad’s car without permission or license.


11. Holding your crush’s hand for the first time!

12. Bursting Diwali crackers in school without getting caught!


13. Having fun in the corridor after being kicked out of class!


14. Changing clothes in a public washroom just to attend a party your parents didn’t know about.


15. Scribbling answers on your wrist or hiding parchis just to cheat during exams. 


16. Calling your boyfriend/girlfriend home when your parents weren’t around.

17. Throwing chalks at each other when the teacher wasn’t looking!


18. Teasing your friends saying, “Dekh, teri waali!”.


19. Pasting a ‘kiss me or kick me’ note on your friend’s back. 


20. Bunking school to watch a movie.


21. Locking your friend in the washroom during school assembly. 

22. Not returning the remaining money when mom sent you to buy something.


23. Sneaking out of the classroom during a boring lecture.


24. Forging your parent’s signature on your report card. 


25. Creating a code language that only your friends could read, write or speak.


26. Laughing out loud in a quiet class!

27. Getting a phone to school to show off to your friends.

28. Shouting “principal” in the corridor just to scare your friend.

b’Source: wikimedia’

29. Having weird names for all the teachers in school. 


30. When the teacher wants to speak to your parents, giving a friend’s number instead. 


If you have some more experiences of your teenage years, please let us know in the comments section.