In case you haven’t noticed, we are living between the good times gone by and the times that are yet to come.

The pace of change has accelerated with the coming of new-age technology and we are constantly adapting to new things and replacing them with the old ones, often without a second thought. 

For instance, haven’t we all started reading our newspapers online? 

The speed at which things are changing is so fast, we don’t realize just how much has changed around us. All we’re left with is a whole lot of nostalgia and fond memories of the days that were. 

We write long blog-posts about our childhood days and tweet and re-tweet our feelings. What we don’t realize is that maybe, just maybe, a few years down the line we’d perhaps be remembering blog-posts just as fondly as we remember Phantom cigarettes! 

Hard to believe, is it? Here are 15 things you might be majorly nostalgic about, 15 years down the line:

1. Newspapers 

Considering that we’re already reading our news on Twitter, the coming generation will never get to feel the pleasure of flipping through the morning paper with a cup of chai


2. Coolers 

“Beta cooler main paani daal do!” 

This line might never be used again.


3. Open fields (especially in metro cities)

Thanks to all the building projects, children playing with much abandon won’t be a sight for sore eyes. After all, if there’s a mall in every corner, where will we be left with any open spaces! 


4. Photographs 

There will be no more looking at old photo albums with family, passing each photo to the next person and laughing like crazy. 


5. Calculator

Remember the time you used a calculator to figure out the total? Yeah, me neither! 


6. Rickshaw rides

Remember how we spent all our childhood years using our favourite mode of transportation? Unfortunately, these won’t stay with us for the rest of our lives. 


7. Desktop computers

Nothing else will have the power to make us sit in the same position for hours on end!


8. Blackboards 

A simple board that taught us everything we know today. 


9. Postal service

Taking a letter out of this is an indescribable feeling. Sadly, the future generations won’t ever get to experience it.  


10. Coins

Who thought there would be a ₹10 rupee coin, right? A few years later, the question would change to, “what are coins?” 


11. Dairies 

A few dusty pages and a lifetime of emotions. Dear Diary, you’ll be majorly missed!


12. Landline phones

Have you ever tried making a secret phone call using a landline phone? A mobile phone can never, ever live up to its magic. 


13. TV screens

In the age of Netflix & Chill, there’s no time for good-old watch-it-on-TV. 


14. Self-driven cars

Why bother driving when you can have an automatic!


15. Pencils  

A newly-sharpened pencil in an early morning class. Best feeling ever!


Lastly, just because Phantom Cigarettes aren’t too easily available anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your love for ’em. 

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