Women these days have started thinking and speaking their mind. 

Let’s be real, that’s not good for the planet. It might just fall off from its axis. 

Here, I have made detailed pointers of things women can’t do to remind them where they actually stand. 

1. Women are terrible drivers.

2. And don’t even get us started about their parallel parking skills.

3. They should stick to making sandwich. Honestly, that’s probably the only decent thing they can make.

4. They can’t play sports demanding physical stamina.

5. After all, their fragile bodies can’t take much.

6. They can’t handle pressure and take big decisions.

7. They should stay at home since they can’t take care of themselves. 

8. Women are bad at science.

9. And they don’t know how to lead. 

10. They don’t make for good politicians because honestly, who is going to take them seriously?

11. Women can’t reason, they are too emotional. 

12. Women aren’t funny. 

13. Women can’t handle their career after they become mothers.

14. They can’t be trusted with positions of power and authority. 

Times of India

 15. Women can’t read maps.

16. Women are bad data scientists.

17. Women are too fragile to fight.

17. And they certainly can’t run a country.

There is a lot women can’t do and it’s time they know their place.