Some of us are blessed with friends who respect boundaries, with whom we can have mutually beneficial and comfortable friendships. But the truth is, that most of us have pretty dysfunctional friendships. Like the drinking buddy with whom our friendship would stop existing if there was no more alcohol left in the world. Or that friend who calls only when they are in trouble. We know that these friends want something or the other from us. But then, there is that clingy, needy, ‘chep‘ friend who loves to spend time with you, and you just can’t figure out what is it that they want. If in your kitty of friends, a chep friend is a prized possession, you will definitely relate to these things. 

1. Your day begins with a call or message from them, telling you all about how well or awfully they slept the night before, and the dreams they had. 

But for you, that morning call / message is a nightmare! 

2. The moment the first word comes out of their mouth, you silently say goodbye to your next hour (or few). 

Verbal diarrhoea alert! 

3. You have given up trying to explain the concept of ‘me time’ to them. Their response is always, “Haan, so I’ll just sit here and do my own thing. I won’t bother you.”

And of course, only about two and a half minutes later, they remember something super important that they must tell you immediately. 

4. You are too scared to tell them that you’re busy when they want to do something. 

Because they will most definitely get upset. 

5. Your chep friend is the one friend that everyone else in your life knows and has met. 

Because they need to be a part of everything in your life. 

6. You have learnt that there is just no point saying no to hanging out with them. 

And you’ve stopped trying. 

7. You have made your peace with the fact that they will show up when they want to, without informing you in advance. 

“Oh, I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I’d come and say hi.”  

8. You have learnt the importance of “buffer friends.” These are the people you invite to hang out when you get a little tired of your ‘chep‘ friend. 

Buffer friends are godsend.


9. Your relationships are always between you, your boy/girlfriend and your chep friend. 

And your S/O has made peace with the fact that it will never be just the two of you.

10. They do everything they do because they want to be a part of everything you do in life, even when you’re out on a date! 

Haven’t faced the horror? This video by Luvit will show you what it’s like when a chipku friend tries to hijack your date. 

But just like the in the video, maybe the answer to your chep friend woes is as simple as a delicious chocolate.