Sixteen-year old Lara Wirth from Australia has a very different relationship with monsters. While most people look for beauty, Wirth has not only found beauty in monsters but incorporates their monstrosity in her makeup as well. 

What began as fan love for characters in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men soon turned into a determination to recreate it. She turned to what possibly is the best teacher these days – YouTube –  and caught up on the intricacies of the trade.

Wirth says “Each time I create a look I get a bit better and slowly they are becoming bigger and bigger. I can now body paint, create horns and teeth, and even make custom prosthetics! I make prosthetics by sculpting what I want on my face cast, I then make a mould of it and fill it with homemade SFX gelatine and then all that’s left to do is stick it on my face and paint it! I hope to one day have a hand in creating a character for a movie or video clip for the world to see and enjoy. For now I am grateful for any experience and exposure I can get.”



























Looking at your talent, Lara, we are pretty sure that the movie offer is not far away.

H/T: Bored Panda

All images sourced from Bored Panda