Sponsored by Cinthol

The terrible summer is here. Gone are the days when the sun would make us happy and waking up at 7 AM meant that we could still bask in the morning sunshine. Now, if you think about doing the same, just be prepared to drown in your own sweat. And it’s not like you’ll only sweat when you’re outside. As soon as you take a shower and dry yourself up, boom… you’re sweating like a pig again.

Although there is no running away from such a problem because well, it’s summer and you have to bear the heat till the season lasts. 

One can only hope for some sort of magic that would transform our desert-like surroundings, into an ocean of cold water. And while we are sitting at our desks and cooling off under the AC, Cinthol’s new ad has a bunch of people who decided not to give two hoots about the summer heat by taking an icy cool shower in a freakin’ desert. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Watching them do that, I’m tempted to leave everything and go take an icy cool shower myself.